Prenatal Massage Experience at Rhemedy By Rhed Therapeutic Massage


Prenatal Massage Experience at Rhemedy By Rhed Therapeutic Massage
Written By: Elizabeth Gleckler LMT
Edited By: Judie Rhed Yim LMT

We all know women come in all different shapes and sizes, have different postures and different gaits, and therefore often experience bodily aches and pains in a variety of different places. Though, one thing every woman can agree to during pregnancy, is that their bodies are changing, and these changes are happening very quickly! Often quicker than one expects or is ready for. Whether it is the leg swelling and cramping, that weird pulling in your groin, the new waddling walk you’ve adopted or that lovely slouching posture that the baby bump has caused you; you are now experiencing new aches and pains in places you’ve never felt before, or the ones you’ve had since before you were pregnant are now ten times worse. But what’s a girl to do? You can’t take any Advil, simple sitting on the couch or lying in bed is just making the aches even worse, and on top of that, it’s becoming harder and harder to focus at work since you have unlimited preparations before the baby arrives. This is where massage comes in.

As prenatal specialized massage therapists, we work with a variety of different women to help their bodies adapt throughout the pregnancy. When our bodies go through changes, we naturally adapt thereby trying to reach a state of equilibrium and this is no different during hormonal roller-coaster pregnancy. The diffculty now though, is that your body is going through many changes so rapidly, it is really hard to stay balanced and you begin to need outside
help. Massage has the incredible ability to decrease stress in your body and of your mind by releasing happy hormones and decreasing your stress hormones. The amount of research that is now being done on the benefts of decreasing your stress during pregnancy is incredible. Massage also helps tonify overtaxed muscles compensating for the slow increase laxity of pelvic ligaments due the Relaxin hormones which spike-up towards labor date. There are also myriad benefts for your baby as well as yourself when you keep your stress levels low. This is also why we
often recommend prenatal acupuncture, prenatal yoga/Pilates classes and proper nutrition, as they all work in tandem with massage to balance your stress hormones as well as energize those overtaxed muscles.

As far as the specifc aches and pains go, we are trained in therapeutic massage techniques. This means we work to treat pregnant women’s ailments on an individualized basis. If you are experiencing pain or tension in a particular area, we will assess and locate the source of the pain, then not only treat that specifc area, but the surrounding and distal areas as well. For instance, I often see women who complain of lower back and sciatic pain. This is a common complaint as the new weight in the front of the body causes the glutes and back muscles to fire continuously, which is your body’s way of preventing you from falling forward and also supporting a growing belly. This also means that your Glutes or Sacroiliac joint attachments become really sore because the muscles are constantly contracting and ligaments are constantly pulled! So, often I will massage the entire hip region and most of the muscles that attach to the pelvic girdle, (ie: lower back deep intrinsic muscles, QLs, Piriformis, Glutes, Quads,Hamstrings etc.) attempting to ease the shifting overstretched muscles in the posterior line and the overly contracted anterior line.

Since we work with many prenatal women, we are experienced not only in special side-lying position massage techniques, but in the precautions as well. We always massage with Organic pregnancy safe oils of Sunfower Seed and Calendula which are nourishing to the body and of course good for preventing stretch marks.We also avoid the contraindicated areas and use customized levels of pillows and bolsters to aid in the client’s comfort, making sure baby and mama are completely safe. Water or Pregnancy supporting tea are offered post-treatment as well as stretching or exercise advice and answering of any questions you may have. We love our prenatal clients, so please come join us— for your own well-being and ultimately your baby within you!

As per the NYTimes article noted in the picture above, we never share pictures of the myriad happy zen newborns we were privileged to work with.

Farewell Frances! and price changes effective March 2015

Frances Montalvo massage therapist at rhemedy nyc

Farewell Frances!

Frances has decided to pursue her career elsewhere and we bid her well wishes for her future endeavors as an excellent massage therapist and personal trainer! Thanks for your 18months at Rhemedy By Rhed Therapeutic Massage, Frances! You  can contact her @


Price Changes Effective March 2015

Please note that we will be changing our prices effective March 1 2015 to reflect our rising rent costs. Slight variations on all pricing excluding 30min services. Thanks for you understanding and your support! As a very small practice, we will not be thriving without your generosity and commitment to small local businesses.



Bleeding Heart Plants – Nature’s Valentine’s


Bleeding Heart Plants

These lovely florals just remind us of the inspired visuals Mother Nature creates on a daily basis.  For those who love the history check out the Wikipedia page but here is the Edwardian story behind these lovelies:

There is also a legend from Japan which tells a story of how the bleeding heart flower came to be.[5] In the story, a young man tried win the love of a young lady. He did this by giving a pair of rabbits (which are the first two petals of the flower), a pair of slippers (which are the next two petals of the flower), and finally a pair of earrings (which are the last two petals of the flower) to the girl. She continued to reject his affections, and, heart-broken, he pierced his heart with his sword (the middle part of the flower) which caused the bleeding heart.



Massage LOVE Special Feb 12 Thursday ~17 Monday 2015 | Valentine’s Day gifts for Him or Her

**Valentine’s Day Gifts |  Couples Massages**

Celebrate your beloved with Dual {Couples} Massages at Rhemedy By Rhed Therapeutic Massage next week!  As a Valentine’s Day special, we will be offering post-massage complimentary enjoyments.  Rose Prosecco with Pomegranate ice and handmade with love “Raw Cacao Hearts or Matcha Green Hearts” made especially for the occasion by our very own, Judie. Ingredients of Raw Cacao or Matcha Green Tea, Coconut Oil for antioxidants and MFCA lauric acid to support healthy heart functions, raw Sunflower Seed butter, and raw honey, the satisfying and yummy bites will continue the deliciousness of your well-kneaded bodies and minds.

Choose the therapists of your choice and reserve early! There’s no need to limit yourselves to just February 14th as the promo lasts the week. However we will be limiting the Dual {Couples} Massages to 60minutes only for the week. Whether your beloved is pregnant for prenatal or wanting extra Hot Stone touches, we are happy to make it a magical romantic experience.

Let us know how we can make it more personalized and special with your unique requests, let’s say “Send me to the Moon” personally recorded in a bathtub during Storm Juno, played on repeat during your couples session?We have actually had proposals at our space so we are savvy to keep things a secret for your beloved’s surprise. Our coordinators are on deck to make it happen!

Valentine’s Day Gifts |  Couples Massages

Valentines 2015 Couples Massage rate: $270 per couple

Effective Thursday February 12th to Monday February 16th, 2015

Wishing you a Holiday Season filled with Comfort and Joy | Early Gift Certificate Purchase promo Dec 5~Dec 8

Wishing you a Holiday Season filled with Comfort and Joy | Early Gift Certificate Purchase promo Dec 5~Dec 8

Much GRATITUDE for visiting us in person or digitally this 2014. We wish you a warm and joyful holiday season shared with the ones you love!

Our Holiday Hours:

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January 2nd, Fri: CLOSED (Kensie Kensington’s Birthday!)


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*We will be closed Monday September 1st, 2014*

Happy Labor Day 2014 | Goodbye Summer ( and Fany…)!


We will be closed Monday September 1st. Reopening on September 2nd Tuesday 10am.

And sadly but joyously announce that Fany, our talented angel therapist will no longer with working at Rhemedy By Rhed Therapeutic Massage to focus on her maternity leave. She will stop by time to time to say hello but please do wish her well:

We also departed with our previous text number-provider of two years, so please discard the last version and add our current one for the time being to ease any inquiries via text: 917-970-7373


~Only Constant in Life, is Change~




Fathers day gifts 2014

2013RbRDad's Day-01

A more healthy gift for your Dad in the form of an effective touch! Spend the Father’s day 2014 outdoors and gift him something he will rarely treat himself with… a therapeutic effective massage! Nudge him to appreciate the value of smoothing out those kinks and knots – see his performance improve on his favorite activity – or just plain reduce his daily stress! Massage can reduce muscle stiffness as well as delay exercise onset soreness and improve relaxation by reducing heart rate and blood pressure and increase respiration. He will clearly feel the value and appreciate your insightful suggestion!

Fathers Day Gifts 2014 suggestions:

Mind Armour Meltdown 60min {Deep Tissue on upper body} to target that troublesome shoulder.. finally! and get him back in the swing of things.. like the green golf course?


Rhemedy Ritual 75min {Deep Tissue on full body} with Cool Stones Add-on to flush out his overheated sunburnt back and elongate their locked hamstrings and calves.


Fit To Be Tied 90 {Thai Yoga Massage} for those Dads who never stretch after exercise for leaner and longer effective muscles.. A massage for those who like to keep their loose fitting clothing on!


Let us create a memorable and completely well-valued experience for the most important (or second) person in your life!

•••All Fathers Day Gift Certificates are now 10% off until June 14th! He will appreciate the value and savings•••