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Happy Holidays 2018 from all of us at Rhemedy By Rhed

*Heartfelt thank you for visiting us in person or digitally this 2018*

We LOVE our clients and feel blessed to have shared time and our hands•elbows•crystals•minds•intentions with all our dear clients through the transitions and transformations of this year!

We wish you a warm and joyful holiday season shared with the ones you love!

Don’t Forget! Week of Selenite Healing promotion prices offered 12/24-12/31 

Our Holiday Hours:

December 24th, Monday: CLOSED

December 25th, Sunday: CLOSED

December 31st, Monday: EARLY CLOSING AT 4pm

January 1st, Tuesday: CLOSED

***Please Note: We are CLOSED 12/24 Monday and 12/25 Tuesday. Only option for last minute gifts is via Ecards on Square Marketplace.***

Ma’ema’e Aloha | Pure Love | Valentine’s Week 2019

Tropical Hawaiian Dual | Couples Massage are BACK!

Ma’ema’e Aloha | Pure Love  2019

Climate changes (Is it Spring?) have brought the tropics back to the sanctuary of Rhemedy By Rhed!  Plan your escape with your beloved (or Spring Fling) to our Hawaiian inspired couples massages for Valentine’s week. Aloha away your tension riddened muscles with your partner-in-crime by skilled nurturing massage therapists, amidst Aloha music and tropical surroundings. 

We are offering a new add-on to heighten your senses for this week: Tropical Medicinal Herb Hot Compress to pre-soak your February chilled muscles prior to working out the dehydrated knots.

Revel in the post massage glow with:

•Our Signature energy (Sweet)hearts {raw honey-cacao and Passionfruit-Medjool date-cashew} lovingly made by Judie, yours truly

•Passion Mimosa {Passionfruit purée with One Hope Wine’s California Demi-Sec Peach Flavored Sparkling Wine with a dash of GT’s Pure Love Kombucha}

•White Coconut Creme tea {Non alcoholic beverage option from the Art of Tea}

What we love about One Hope Wine: One in five children do not know where their next meal is coming from. Every case provides 12 meals to a child in need.

What we love about GT’s Pure Love: RAW · BLOOD ORANGE · HIBISCUS · ROSE and it warms us up on a cold Winter’s day and radiates beauty from within. Boost digestion and radiates glow.

What we love about Art of Tea White Coconut Creme: Sweet, Creamy, Smooth tea in eco-friendly, biodegradable pyramid sachet. Select organic white tea is hand blended with organic coconut and other botanicals to deliver a sweet creamy texture with a light body and tropical notes. Medium Caffeine

Offered Feb 13 Wednesday through Feb 19 Tuesday. 60min services only. 

There’s no need to limit yourselves to just February 14th as the promo lasts from Wednesday for a week for those like to celebrate after the national holiday. However we will be limiting the Valentines’s Dual|Couples Massages AND regular Dual Massages to 60minutes only for the week. Whether your beloved is pregnant for prenatal or wanting extra Selenite Crystal touches, we are happy to make it a magical romantic experience.

$290 per couple OR $340 per couple with Medicinal Herb Hot Compresses to take home.

Let us know how we can make it more personalized and special with your hearts’ requests!

Sweats and the City ladies LOVE us!

Introducing NEW Massage Therapists | RbR Hike Closing 09/14/17 Thursday

Introducing NEW Massage Therapists | RbR Hike Closing 09/14/17 Thursday

Please welcome TWO new therapists, Devin Young, LMT and Lorisha Raynor, LMT. They will help to supplement those morning to early afternoon hours Tuesdays through Thursdays as well as allow Shaun to commute less on Thursdays.

Devin: Wednesdays 10-2:45pm and Thursdays 11:15-2:45pm. He will be starting with some additional hours on 9/11 Monday as well as 9/15 Friday. Please inquire appointments and we will offer our introduction rates for him  (10%0ff)

Graduated from the prestigious Swedish Institute, Devin, a native of Queens, has been honing his unique style of massage therapy 16+years  by blending therapeutic techniques of Swedish, deep tissue, sports, trigger point, myofascial release and structural integration with an emphasis on postural alignment. With the education of Anatomy Trains and Myofascial Meridians via Thomas W. Myers; Orthopedic massage and functional assessment via  Whitney W. Lowe from 

Omeri Orthopedic Massage Education & Research Institute and Structural Integration bodywork via Bonnie Crellin Guild Structural integrationist plus years of experience at Paul Labrecque Salon & Spa @ Reebok Sports Club as well as 5 star spas, he has fine tuned the techniques and belief system of clients centered sessions for each individual.

Devin believes that each individual’s body is unique therefore each pathology’s presentation will  differ as well as the appropriate treatment.  Devin is also a believer that the human body has a vast ability to heal itself and sometimes just needs the proper encouragement.

In his spare time, Devin is very much a foodie who enjoys exploring and cooking culinary inspirations, playing tennis and binge watching on Netflix.

Lorisha: Tuesdays 10-2:45pm and Thursdays 1:45-9pm. She will be starting  on 9/12 Tuesday as well as 9/15 Friday. Please inquire appointments and we will offer our introduction rates for her  (10%0ff)

Graduated from renowned Finger Lakes School of Massage in Mt. Kisco NY in 2014, Lorisha comes from athletic training background. She obtained her BS degree 2006 from North Carolina Central University under their athletic training education program (ATEP -an undergraduate accredited program which enables students to work directly with the athletes and be involved in majority of the action on and off the field)  Then as an athletic trainer for PACE University, she was involved daily with over 10 teams, covering practices, games, treatment room activities/rehab protocols, and first aid. 

Now focusing mostly on massage she has worked with a number of body types at a number of different levels, pre and post injuries. Using massage as her main tool for rehab she has been able to add aspects of energy work, trigger point therapy and connective tissue therapy, as well as various range of motion and stretching techniques to help aid in increased flexibility. 

The years of experience in the bodies’ performance levels have given her a deeper understanding and appreciation for each body as a whole within this universe and the ways to work with the body to gain optimal healing and overall health.


RbR is heading out to the wild wild territory of Sawangunks, Minnewaska in New Paltz area again! We will be closed 09/14 Thursdays as a group so that we can take in the breath and amazement of this wonderous state of NY.


Summer Weekend Start Celebrations lovers rejoice! Gratis FriYay Happy Hour 5:30-8pm

Summer Weekend Start Celebrations lovers rejoice! We are offering a gratis of Friyay Happy Hour gratis glass of One Hope Sparking Brut for post massage bliss continued. Let us take care of your Friday happy hour buzz AND have you partake in contributing to an amazing company who donates their proceeds to great causes: Tree Planting, Clean Water, Meals Provided, Animal Adoption, ADA providing, Clinical Trials for Breast Cancer, Natural Disaster Aid.. and more.

#happyhour #westvillage #postmassage #starttheweekendright #onehope #sparkingbrut #giftforyou #charity #goodness #buzzworthy

We can cheers to that!

EVERY Friday from 5:30-8pm appointments. Mention upon check in.

Limited to one glass per person {Buzzworthy but no drunkedness permitted}

A perfectly chilled glass of One Hope Sparkling Wine Brut for post massage bliss
A perfectly chilled glass of One Hope Sparkling Wine Brut for post massage bliss

Mother’s Day 2017 Gifts

Mothers day is May 14th 2017

Much appreciated gift for your mums in the form of a loving touch! If you are squeezed on time to spend some quality time with your mother for Mother’s Day, hand her over into good hands with a bespoke treatment.

Mother’s Day Massage Gift 2017 suggestions:

Mind Armour Meltdown and a Geranium Hand Scrub to relax her completely with pampering, age smoothing, sugar scrub for her hands     


Mommy and Me (Prenatal) and a Eco-Fin Paraffin Treatment for feet to support mothers to be and pamper her feet supple soft


Rhemedy Ritual with Thai Thermapy Add-on to detox her overused muscles with heat and unwind those tightly wound joints carrying the lil ones                                              

Let us create a memorable and completely decompressing experience for the most important (or second) person in your life!

Massage LOVE Special Feb 11 Saturday ~ Feb 16 Wednesday 2017 | Valentine’s Day gifts for Him or Her


Celebrate your beloved with Dual {Couples} Massages at Rhemedy By Rhed Therapeutic Massage this week!  As a Valentine’s Day special, we are offering post-massage complimentary delights:  Tealixir China Rose Kombucha {roots of Fo-Ti, Huang Qi, Eleuthro and Rhodiola are prized for their ability to unlock the channels of energy in the body and increase stamina and vitality. They infuse these herbs with rose petals, ginger, lemongrass, hibiscus flowers and roasted brown rice, smoky Oolong black, floral Jasmine green and nutty green Sencha teas} with Lillikoi ice heart-drops, Organic Strawberries and “handmade with love” Raw Cacao Goji Maca Truffles made especially for the occasion by our very own, Judie {We LOVE jessiskitchen recipes}. Ingredients of Dark Chocolate, Cacao, Coconut Creme and or  Coconut Oil for antioxidants and MFCA lauric acid to support healthy heart functions, libido boosting maca, and touch of goji berry power, the satisfying and yummy bites will continue the deliciousness of your well-kneaded bodies and minds.

There’s no need to limit yourselves to just February 14th as the promo lasts over the arctic weekend through Wednesday for those like to celebrate after the national holiday. However we will be limiting the Dual {Couples} Massages to 60minutes only for the week. Whether your beloved is pregnant for prenatal or wanting extra Selenite Crystal touches, we are happy to make it a magical romantic experience.

Let us know how we can make it more personalized and special with your hearts requests!

Valentine’s Day Gifts |  Couples Massages

Valentines 2017 Couples Massage rate: $280 per couple

Effective Saturday February 11th to Wednesday February 15th, 2016

Happy New Year | January 2017 Staff News | Kaigo Health Partnership

Happy New Year | January 2017 Staff News | Kaigo Health Partnership

Happy New Year | | Kaigo Health Partnership

New beginnings, reset, start anew, resolutions… the various facets of a fresh new year! Do let the resolutions be guidelines and not laws for your abstinence and restrictions. Definitely prioritize the main operator aka vessel of your life.. your own body’s health!  Health is the basic foundation of the ability to be productive, expand, focus and build your life’s goals.

As a firm believer in health is wealth, as of 2017 Rhemedy By Rhed Therapeutic Massage has allied our practice with the innovative yet intimate health concierge company, Kaigo Health. The excerpts from their website explains this brilliant FREE service paid for by allied health practitioners, like ourselves:”Kaigo is your 24/7 Health Assistant, Advocate, and Coach collaborating with a team of amazing doctors.

How It Works

First, jump on a quick chat with Kaigo to share your health goals. Then, select one or more doctors from our list of highly vetted and verified health professionals who can help you attain your goal. Next, create a simple health plan with the help of your care team. We have a variety of preset plans or you can create a custom one. Finally, set an achievable goal or two for the first few weeks, like taking medication daily and tracking blood pressure. These little bursts of success will help give you more confidence and will become more and more effortless as time goes on. Keep in mind that “Rome wasn’t built in a day” so start small and build up gradually.Kaigo uses a powerful dashboard to keep an eye on your progress and deliver targeted support at the right time. After you reach your goal we’ll enter the maintenance mode which requires less effort and oversight. Kaigo will still monitor your vitals so that we can easily identify when to provide additional support.

Select Your Care Team

Kaigo will help you select a group of high quality doctors and specialists that accept your preferred method of payment to serve on your care team. Can’t get rid of those annoying rashes? Expecting your first baby? Just got diagnosed with an autoimmune disease? Kaigo will connect you with a compassionate and caring primary care doctor, allergist, gynecologist, registered dietitian, and much more.

Create an Action Plan

Kaigo and your team will get to work co-creating an action plan with goals that matter to you. Your team will get updates in real time so they can track and manage your care with ease. Whether you’re dealing with a chronic illness or just trying to lose a few pounds (and keep them off), your Kaigo care team is central to helping you form healthy habits and develop the motivation to stay the course.

We are super excited to partake in this comprehensive system to better your health as our clients and be supportive of the path to maintain your health as well as improve.

January 2017 Staff News


Suzanne will be partaking in a 9 week medical massage course with Janine Strenta from January 17th- March 8th and is switching her Wednesdays for Tuesdays. Nancy will be on Tuesdays and vice versa.

Nichole will no longer be working at Rhemedy By Rhed on Saturdays as of February but will be subbing from time to time.

Krystle will no longer be working at Rhemedy By Rhed as of February 11 but will be subbing from time to time.

Judie will be returning to work on Saturdays all day as of February 4th until further notice.

Stephanie has committed to working the front desk on Sundays as of February 5th so her friendly face will be seen more at Rhemedy By Rhed.

Monika is traveling back home to Poland as well as chasing perhaps Auto Borealis in the Northern Hemisphere until January 16th. Nancy will be subbing her Sundays and Judie will be subbing her Mondays until her glowing return

Judie is traveling back to Kona Big Island Hawaii to visit her beloved godchild with Kensington from January 19th through February 1st. Nancy will be subbing her Mondays +Tuesdays and Nichole will be subbing her Wednesdays and Suzanne and Allison for Thursdays.


Let’s kick off 2017 with a focus to health!

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