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Happy New Year | January 2017 Staff News | Kaigo Health Partnership

Happy New Year | January 2017 Staff News | Kaigo Health Partnership

Happy New Year | | Kaigo Health Partnership

New beginnings, reset, start anew, resolutions… the various facets of a fresh new year! Do let the resolutions be guidelines and not laws for your abstinence and restrictions. Definitely prioritize the main operator aka vessel of your life.. your own body’s health!  Health is the basic foundation of the ability to be productive, expand, focus and build your life’s goals.

As a firm believer in health is wealth, as of 2017 Rhemedy By Rhed Therapeutic Massage has allied our practice with the innovative yet intimate health concierge company, Kaigo Health. The excerpts from their website explains this brilliant FREE service paid for by allied health practitioners, like ourselves:”Kaigo is your 24/7 Health Assistant, Advocate, and Coach collaborating with a team of amazing doctors.

How It Works

First, jump on a quick chat with Kaigo to share your health goals. Then, select one or more doctors from our list of highly vetted and verified health professionals who can help you attain your goal. Next, create a simple health plan with the help of your care team. We have a variety of preset plans or you can create a custom one. Finally, set an achievable goal or two for the first few weeks, like taking medication daily and tracking blood pressure. These little bursts of success will help give you more confidence and will become more and more effortless as time goes on. Keep in mind that “Rome wasn’t built in a day” so start small and build up gradually.Kaigo uses a powerful dashboard to keep an eye on your progress and deliver targeted support at the right time. After you reach your goal we’ll enter the maintenance mode which requires less effort and oversight. Kaigo will still monitor your vitals so that we can easily identify when to provide additional support.

Select Your Care Team

Kaigo will help you select a group of high quality doctors and specialists that accept your preferred method of payment to serve on your care team. Can’t get rid of those annoying rashes? Expecting your first baby? Just got diagnosed with an autoimmune disease? Kaigo will connect you with a compassionate and caring primary care doctor, allergist, gynecologist, registered dietitian, and much more.

Create an Action Plan

Kaigo and your team will get to work co-creating an action plan with goals that matter to you. Your team will get updates in real time so they can track and manage your care with ease. Whether you’re dealing with a chronic illness or just trying to lose a few pounds (and keep them off), your Kaigo care team is central to helping you form healthy habits and develop the motivation to stay the course.

We are super excited to partake in this comprehensive system to better your health as our clients and be supportive of the path to maintain your health as well as improve.

January 2017 Staff News


Suzanne will be partaking in a 9 week medical massage course with Janine Strenta from January 17th- March 8th and is switching her Wednesdays for Tuesdays. Nancy will be on Tuesdays and vice versa.

Nichole will no longer be working at Rhemedy By Rhed on Saturdays as of February but will be subbing from time to time.

Krystle will no longer be working at Rhemedy By Rhed as of February 11 but will be subbing from time to time.

Judie will be returning to work on Saturdays all day as of February 4th until further notice.

Stephanie has committed to working the front desk on Sundays as of February 5th so her friendly face will be seen more at Rhemedy By Rhed.

Monika is traveling back home to Poland as well as chasing perhaps Auto Borealis in the Northern Hemisphere until January 16th. Nancy will be subbing her Sundays and Judie will be subbing her Mondays until her glowing return

Judie is traveling back to Kona Big Island Hawaii to visit her beloved godchild with Kensington from January 19th through February 1st. Nancy will be subbing her Mondays +Tuesdays and Nichole will be subbing her Wednesdays and Suzanne and Allison for Thursdays.


Let’s kick off 2017 with a focus to health!

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