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Give the gift of **humanistic therapeutic healing touch** via our Gift Certificates and eCards! Perfect holiday gift for those who have everything! Three ways to gift:

Handwritten version in a beautiful red envelope ($5 Mailing fee apply). *Please fill out form below*

FASTER version email-able via PDF format of our beautiful Gift Certificates.  Please choose between West Village NYC or Edgewater NJ location as state tax differs. *Please fill out form below*

FASTEST version eCards from Square Marketplace

Whichever option you choose, your gift recipient will love the expert touch of seasoned therapists @ Rhemedy By Rhed Therapeutic Massage. Let us create your bespoke gifts for your loved ones! {Expiry Date has been extend to five years based upon new law}

Order your Gift Certificate (Mail or Pdf) HERE

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Some decide to send on the actual special date. Please advise so that we can make a magical presentation. Snail Mail delivery is sent by unpredictable USPS unless you advise otherwise.
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