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Introducing NEW Massage Therapists | RbR Hike Closing 09/14/17 Thursday

Introducing NEW Massage Therapists | RbR Hike Closing 09/14/17 Thursday

Please welcome TWO new therapists, Devin Young, LMT and Lorisha Raynor, LMT. They will help to supplement those morning to early afternoon hours Tuesdays through Thursdays as well as allow Shaun to commute less on Thursdays.

Devin: Wednesdays 10-2:45pm and Thursdays 11:15-2:45pm. He will be starting with some additional hours on 9/11 Monday as well as 9/15 Friday. Please inquire appointments and we will offer our introduction rates for him  (10{adebd00a3ca3f65ec210bb45ec369df3e6f66574f6ab04ecc9ac0a910b1c3535}0ff)

Graduated from the prestigious Swedish Institute, Devin, a native of Queens, has been honing his unique style of massage therapy 16+years  by blending therapeutic techniques of Swedish, deep tissue, sports, trigger point, myofascial release and structural integration with an emphasis on postural alignment. With the education of Anatomy Trains and Myofascial Meridians via Thomas W. Myers; Orthopedic massage and functional assessment via  Whitney W. Lowe from 

Omeri Orthopedic Massage Education & Research Institute and Structural Integration bodywork via Bonnie Crellin Guild Structural integrationist plus years of experience at Paul Labrecque Salon & Spa @ Reebok Sports Club as well as 5 star spas, he has fine tuned the techniques and belief system of clients centered sessions for each individual.

Devin believes that each individual’s body is unique therefore each pathology’s presentation will  differ as well as the appropriate treatment.  Devin is also a believer that the human body has a vast ability to heal itself and sometimes just needs the proper encouragement.

In his spare time, Devin is very much a foodie who enjoys exploring and cooking culinary inspirations, playing tennis and binge watching on Netflix.

Lorisha: Tuesdays 10-2:45pm and Thursdays 1:45-9pm. She will be starting  on 9/12 Tuesday as well as 9/15 Friday. Please inquire appointments and we will offer our introduction rates for her  (10{adebd00a3ca3f65ec210bb45ec369df3e6f66574f6ab04ecc9ac0a910b1c3535}0ff)

Graduated from renowned Finger Lakes School of Massage in Mt. Kisco NY in 2014, Lorisha comes from athletic training background. She obtained her BS degree 2006 from North Carolina Central University under their athletic training education program (ATEP -an undergraduate accredited program which enables students to work directly with the athletes and be involved in majority of the action on and off the field)  Then as an athletic trainer for PACE University, she was involved daily with over 10 teams, covering practices, games, treatment room activities/rehab protocols, and first aid. 

Now focusing mostly on massage she has worked with a number of body types at a number of different levels, pre and post injuries. Using massage as her main tool for rehab she has been able to add aspects of energy work, trigger point therapy and connective tissue therapy, as well as various range of motion and stretching techniques to help aid in increased flexibility. 

The years of experience in the bodies’ performance levels have given her a deeper understanding and appreciation for each body as a whole within this universe and the ways to work with the body to gain optimal healing and overall health.


RbR is heading out to the wild wild territory of Sawangunks, Minnewaska in New Paltz area again! We will be closed 09/14 Thursdays as a group so that we can take in the breath and amazement of this wonderous state of NY.


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