Great Nutritionist – Rebecca Sadek

Looking to reboot your body’s system after the Summer to prepare for the Autumn? I met recently with super friendly, super knowledgable and super pregnant Nutritionist, Rebecca Sadek. She has a food cleanse series to help you get back to balance.

We discussed primarily complaints of most people these days which can be a cause of modern diet…

Many have IBS or digestive issues which affects your lower back issues and upper kyphotic “up to the ear” postures.

Many live on caffeine because as busy NY-er’s they don’t seem to get proper nutrition which sustains the extra boost throughout the day. This of course leads to constant anxiety!

Some carry extra weight around the lower abdomen which mysteriously never seem to disappear even with rigorous exercise!

Could it be that your body’s system needs to detox a nutrient that does not belong within you?

Well Rebecca has a solution for us:

Clean out your system with a gentle cleanse that won’t leave you starving. You will receive all of the resources and support you need to gently clean out your insides, reduce cravings, shed some unwanted weight, and teach you how to improve your diet.
• personal 30 minute phone consultation
• complete set of all natural detox products and supplements
• 14 day detox eating guide which includes shopping list and recipes
• Self-care and fitness guidelines
• Email support during cleanse
• One 30 minute post cleanse coaching session
• Discounts on future programs & products

Please call and ask her any questions! I know I have… and please do continue hydration with plenty of fresh lemon juice!

Rebecca Sadek
Holistic Nutrition Counselor
“simple solutions for everyday health”

917-804-4906 Mobile
347-689-3386 Office

Core Values.. a non yogic study

Everyone is prescribed a Rx for core strengthening post Rhemedy By Rhed massage session whether it’s a Pilates regiment or strength focused Yoga class commitment. This video looks at 4 simple exercises which incorporate some of both in simple manners to reduce tension on your spine’s Nucleous Pulposas which are the springboard cushions between each vertebrae.. And I love the handlebar mustache on this professor of Spine Biomechanics!!

Stuart McGill, a professor of spine biomechanics at the University of Waterloo in Canada, demonstrates a few core exercises that emphasize all the major muscles that support the spine. Watch the video here.


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