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Holiday Season’s  Black Fridays whizzed by and Cyber Mondays just passing..

Give the gift of **humanistic therapeutic healing touch** via our Gift Certificates! We offer a handwritten {with stamped falling snowflakes} version in a beautiful red envelope or a faster version email-able via PDF format. Whichever option you choose, your gift recipient will love the expert touch of the seasoned therapists @ Rhemedy By Rhed Therapeutic Massage. Let us create your bespoke gift for your loved ones {and those you missed out last year!}

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*60 min Sessions with Rob @ $99 today last day*

Take the opportunity to reserve with Rob today for a special promo rate of $99 for 60minute sessions! Pick from relaxational decompressing Rx: Organic Relaxation or get focused on alignment based Mind Armour Meltdown or Rhemedy Ritual deep tissue massage sessions! Last day is today!

Receive internal focus so you can externally help those in need post Sandy.

*Power is back!* But closed until 11/5 Monday

With the advent of  continued stress of public transportation and uproars at the gas stations, we will observe the quietness of Post Sandy to regroup and refigure our schedules for the upcoming week as well as join some community outreach. We hope all of you are safe and sound with plenty of warmth.

Please do email or book online for the upcoming days ahead! Thanks for your continued support in Rhemedy by Rhed Massage.

Oncology Massage

Benefits of Oncology Massage
No one looks forward to hearing that they have a cancer diagnosis. It can be a traumatic time for people of all ages who receive this news; however, hope is in sight. Massage therapy can help patients relax mind, body and spirit during these trying times and can allow those affect really seek peace. Oncology massage involves many of the same manipulation and kneading techniques as other types of massage, for example, Swedish style or deep tissue, but with a few modifications to make the massage safe and useful for cancer patients.

While oncology massage cannot treat or cure cancer it still can have a plethora of benefits that are worth exploring. Massage therapy can feel wholesome and can help reduce the stress and anxiety not just of everyday life, but those coping with a cancer diagnosis. Massage is designed to relax tense muscles, and may increase the production of endorphins, the body’s natural feel good chemical.

Massage therapy can also improve circulation and sleep habits. For patients with aggressive forms of cancer, such as mesothelioma, this relaxation can really assist the patient to cope with the intensity of cancer treatments that may be required. Oncology massage may also help reduce the perception of pain related to cancer and cancer treatments. However, it is key to consult a doctor about finding the right treatment for you and your cancer because massage therapy may not be the answer for everyone.

Oncology patients should choose a massage therapist with extreme care. In addition to being trained and licensed, in states where this is applicable, it is also important that the therapist be trained in oncology massage. Some massage schools offer continuing education courses, or entire areas of study, in this topic. Cancer patients do have slightly different needs than the general population and any massage therapists working with cancer patients need to be aware of the needs and restrictions of those with cancer.

For example, if a client has radiation dermatitis or open wounds, these areas must be avoided due to the risk of infection and lowered immunity of those going through cancer treatments. Also, certain medications, like blood thinners, can cause patients to bruise and bleed more easily. If cancer has metastasized to bone, this area needs to be avoided, not only because of the risk of massaging over tumors, but because the bone itself is weaker and easily fractured.
Article posted on Mesothelioma blog by Melanie L. Bowen.

Many cancers centers offer massage therapy as one of their services; some private therapists, spas or general physician offices also have facilities.

One of the most important aspects of oncology massage, in addition to having a therapist who is properly educated and trained, is frank discussion between massage therapist and client. It’s important that therapists make clients feel comfortable and able to speak freely, and that the therapist is clear on the client’s situation. For instance, what kind of cancer it is, where, what type of treatments or medications are being used, if any, as well as any other alternative modalities being utilized, like acupuncture.

Research is being done into the benefits of massage therapy, in general and in particular for patients with cancer. Studies done in the United States, Canada and the UK have shown conflicting results about the effectiveness of massage therapy in reducing long-term stress and anxiety while undergoing cancer treatments, but it appears that at least in the short term, massage therapy does provide a significant increase in relaxation immediately following massage. And let’s be honest, during a difficult time like while fighting cancer, isn’t any relief something to try for?

Patients should speak to their doctor about the risks versus benefits of getting oncology massage, and then take the time to find a massage therapist with the proper training to work with. If there are potential benefits in a safe and natural alternative to cancer treatments than why not give it a shot? Indulge yourself in a massage today and gain that needed peace of mind!

Holistic Massage Remedy In NYC

Come in for an appointment @ Rhemedy by Rhed Therapeutic Massage and Bodycare within a holistic wellness community.

Ease into serenity and nourishment for your body for a relaxing massage… or actively commit to a fitness regiment for specific chronic stress tension. Indulge in a long overdue pampering massage for 2 hours or plan time-efficient weekly 30 minute sessions for fine tuning musculo-skeletal issues. Our promise is to give you therapeutic results to relax, reboot, and re-energize your senses. Take care in yourself and we will take care you! Our products, derived from botanical and organic sources, supplement our fine-tuned techniques learned from many prestigious spas of nyc.

Rhemedy by Rhed Therapeutic Massage & Bodycare focuses on providing you the best customer care driven services. Our space is within a floor of other mindful counselors of chiropractors, naturopathic doctor, and clinical aromatherapist for convenience of care and we all will strive towards intimate grassroots care for all our clients. There is always a moment to discuss your individualistic needs and questions for the day. Continued relationships foster health within your body and mind and spirit as well as our local health-provider presence.

We are peacefully located on the prettiest block in NYC… with tree-lined sidewalks, Jackson Square, healthful Integral Yoga Institute and organic food store, on the junction of West Village and Meatpacking District!

Our hand picked supplemental retail lines include: hyrdration Stirwands by Quantum Age Water, natural bodycare products from Bidwell Botanicals, essential oil and products by Mountainrose Herbs and candles by Volupspa.


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