Massage LOVE Special Feb 11 Saturday ~ Feb 16 Wednesday 2017 | Valentine’s Day gifts for Him or Her


Celebrate your beloved with Dual {Couples} Massages at Rhemedy By Rhed Therapeutic Massage this week!  As a Valentine’s Day special, we are offering post-massage complimentary delights:  Tealixir China Rose Kombucha {roots of Fo-Ti, Huang Qi, Eleuthro and Rhodiola are prized for their ability to unlock the channels of energy in the body and increase stamina and vitality. They infuse these herbs with rose petals, ginger, lemongrass, hibiscus flowers and roasted brown rice, smoky Oolong black, floral Jasmine green and nutty green Sencha teas} with Lillikoi ice heart-drops, Organic Strawberries and “handmade with love” Raw Cacao Goji Maca Truffles made especially for the occasion by our very own, Judie {We LOVE jessiskitchen recipes}. Ingredients of Dark Chocolate, Cacao, Coconut Creme and or  Coconut Oil for antioxidants and MFCA lauric acid to support healthy heart functions, libido boosting maca, and touch of goji berry power, the satisfying and yummy bites will continue the deliciousness of your well-kneaded bodies and minds.

There’s no need to limit yourselves to just February 14th as the promo lasts over the arctic weekend through Wednesday for those like to celebrate after the national holiday. However we will be limiting the Dual {Couples} Massages to 60minutes only for the week. Whether your beloved is pregnant for prenatal or wanting extra Selenite Crystal touches, we are happy to make it a magical romantic experience.

Let us know how we can make it more personalized and special with your hearts requests!

Valentine’s Day Gifts |  Couples Massages

Valentines 2017 Couples Massage rate: $280 per couple

Effective Saturday February 11th to Wednesday February 15th, 2016

Our Holiday Gift Collections are here :+: Holistic Gifts for your loved ones

Holiday Gift Collections :+: Holistic Gifts for your loved ones

Choose from our natural handcrafted skincare and homeware selections in beautiful prepackaged snowflake adorned craft boxes, origami boxes and custom linen bag. All keepsake for wonderful future usage. No need for Cyber Monday only deals as these lovely collections are available* for 15% off our regular prices. Choose from Winter Skin Nourishment+Exfoliation, Winter Clarity, Pair Protection, Indulgent Skin, and Serene Peace Crystal. We’ve also stocked up on handmade kusudama origami globe ornaments for your holiday decorating.

Visit our Square Market site for more details or stop on by our place to peruse the selections.

Don’t forget our massage Gift Certificates are always the best gifts for those who have everything they already need.

Holiday Gift Collections Holistic Gifts natural handcrafted skincare homeware
RbR Holiday Collection: Winter Nourishment•Exfoliation Gift Bag
Holiday Gift Collections Holistic Gifts natural handcrafted skincare homeware
RbR Holiday Gift Collection: Winter Nourishment•Exfoliation + His/Hers Protection plus Selenite Candle Holder
Holiday Gift Collections Holistic Gifts natural handcrafted skincare homeware
RbR Holiday Gift Collection: His/Hers Protection plus Selenite Candle Holder
Holiday Gift Collections Holistic Gifts natural handcrafted skincare homeware
Kusumama Origami Globe Ornament

*Availability subject to limited supply

Happy Thanksgiving| Black Friday Special Massage Rates | Early Gift Certificate Purchase Promo

Happy Thanksgiving | Black Friday Special Massage Rates | Early Gift Certificate Purchase Promo




Happy Thanksgiving for Everyone!

We are again offering $15off on #blackfriday for all services of 60min or longer. *Drop on by* during your holiday shopping errands. Bring your relative or not… Make your holiday weekend in NYC memorable while errands completing.

Also to help you ease your holiday shopping list, we are offering a promotion for #giftcertificates to be slashed 20% JUST FOR Black Friday purchase.  A gift of therapeutic and personalized massage is the BEST gluten-free, GMO-free, serotonin hormone inducing, Vegan, Paleo, Vegetarian nurturing internal and external tastiness you can give… ok one of the best:)

“We are thankful for ALL the abundance that we have in this modern city we call home. Much shoutout and gratitude for all our dear and near clients who believe in the power of touch, moments of silence and the sanctuary we provide at Rhemedy By Rhed Therapeutic Massage.”

*Please book your appointments in advance on MindBody Connect or contact us directly via text or phone or email.*

Holiday Hours:

November 26th , Thursday CLOSED Thanksgiving

November 27th, #BlackFriday OPEN!


Father’s Day gift 2016

Father’s Day Gift 2016

Sunday June 19th, 2016


Father'S Day Gifts 2016

You deserve a break, Dad! Honor your fathers this upcoming Sunday June 19th. He’s held you up, always open arms, through sunsets and dramas, keep your strong. He could take a breather and take a break from the weight of his responsible worlds!To convince him of this opportunity, we are offering 10% off {practical price} for his therapeutic massage this Sunday! A more healthy Father’s Day gift 2016!

Nudge him to appreciate the value of smoothing out those kinks and knots – see his performance improve on his favorite activity – or just plain reduce his daily stress. Massage can reduce muscle stiffness as well as delay exercise onset soreness and improve relaxation by reducing heart rate and blood pressure and increase respiration. He will clearly feel the value and appreciate your insightful suggestion!

Fathers Day Gift 2016 suggestions:

Mind Armour Meltdown 60min {Deep Tissue on upper body} to target that troublesome shoulder.. finally! and get him back in the swing of things.. like the green golf course?


Rhemedy Ritual 75min {Deep Tissue on full body} with Cool Stones Add-on to flush out his overheated sunburnt back and elongate their locked hamstrings and calves.


Fit To Be Tied 90 {Thai Yoga Massage} for those Dads who never stretch after exercise for leaner and longer effective muscles.. A massage for those who like to keep their loose fitting clothing on!


Let us create a memorable and completely well-valued experience for the most important (or second) person in your life!

April Showers brings May Flowers | Detox Massage promotion

Dry Brush for the Skin

April Showers brings May Flowers! We are offering our Detox Massages at 10% off to help prep your body for Spring events | Whether sweeping strokes or excavating digging, your body’s detox warrants usage of lymphatic supporting oil and pace. All massage sessions to include lymphatic flow and skin pore opening benefits of Dry Brushing prior to custom blended oil applications and massage strokes. No exclusion of times.

Length offered at 60min, 75min and 90min.

Expires 4/30/16

Prepping for Summer – Body Contour Wrap

Prepping for Summer – Body Contour Wrap by M’lis


Our May special promo for the Body Contour Wrap. Expires May 31, 2015

Limit one per person
$180 (Org $210) for 90min with measurements
$150 (Org $180) for 75min without measurments

Developed by a biochemist from the UCLA medical center, this wrap process was originally formulated to encourage circulatory and lymphatic flow in patients. It was meant for those suffering from diabetes or any disease that inhibited circulation, especially in the lower extremities. Research showed that because of this increased flow of both the lymphatic and the circulatory systems, the patient also was experiencing cleansing of the tissues. This, in turn, caused healthy inch loss through internal cleansing.

Not only did the body benefit internally, but the external benefits of contouring and inch loss made this wrap ideal for the spa industry as well as the medical profession. Inch loss, diminishing of cellulite, body contouring can be permanent and completely safe.
The M’LIS Wrap uses herbal formulations that work externally to internally. This type of program aids in the removal of wastes that have become trapped in vulnerable parts of our bodies. It is basically a cleansing process of the tissue underneath the skin, and helps restore elasticity to loose, flabby skin. It does not dehydrate and age the skin. The healthiest type of body wrap.
Some answers to frequently asked questions:
Can anyone have a M’LIS Body Wrap?
As the M’LIS wrap flushes toxins and impurities into the system, pregnant and nursing women, and if one has not been in remission from cancer for 2 years or more, should not be wrapped. Also those on blood thinning medications such as Coumadin and those who suffer from seizures should not utilize body contouring products.
What about men?
Because a toxic lifestyle is prevalent in today’s world, body cleansing and body contouring are of equal value for both men and women. Men do not get cellulite in the hip area as women do, so they do not need a hip or fanny wrap. They also may prefer not to have their upper arms wrapped.Can I just have my legs wrapped?
Partial wraps are not recommended, as the M’LIS Wrap uses the body’s natural systems of elimination to obtain inch loss. If only the legs are wrapped, trapped wastes may simply be moved from one area of the body to another, rather than eliminated completely through the circulation and lymphatic systems.
Why does the skin turn pink when Contour Cream is applied?
Niacin and cassia naturally promote dilation of the blood vessels and fluid flow. This increased circulation under the skin gives the skin a pink tone. This is expected, and is a positive event that shows the cream working. The skin usually returns to its normal color within an hour of application. A patch test before the wrap will show any unusual sensitivity. If this is found to be the case, Contour Cream is also available in a Sensitive Skin Formula.
How long does the wrap take? 
The entire process takes approximately one and half hours. This includes the consultation, exfoliation, measurements, wrap, relaxation for one hour, and time to cut out and re-measure. If the client is not measured each time, the process will be much faster. Some spas sell the wraps in a series, and then measure only before the first wrap and after the final wrap. If a client is only interested in the wrap as a lymphatic cleanse, they may choose not to be measured at all to save time.
Why, if I am losing inches, will I not lose weight with the wrap?
If there is an immediate weight loss after a wrap, this indicates that water has been lost. In this case, weight will be gained again as soon as the body is re-hydrated. With a M’LIS internal cleanse wrap, there is no weight loss for at least 72 hours.Cellulite is caused by toxins and wastes that are trapped in the soft, fatty tissues of the body. These are removed at the cellular level by breaking them up and moving them into the circulatory and lymphatic systems for permanent elimination through the body’s natural processes. By drinking a large quantity of water in the hours following the wrap, they are rapidly flushed out of the system. The result is inch loss and body contouring rather than weight loss. Body wraps are wonderful for those who are losing weight, however, as they have the ability to tone and tighten loose skin that develops when pounds are shed.

Mother’s Day Gifts 2015

2015RbRMother's Day


Mothers day is May 10th 2015

Much appreciated gift for your mums in the form of a loving touch! If you are squeezed on time to spend some quality time with your mother for Mother’s Day, hand her over into good hands with a bespoke treatment.

Mother’s Day Massage Gift 2015 suggestions:

Rx: Organic Relaxation and a Geranium Hand Scrub to relax her completely with pampering, age smoothing, sugar scrub for her hands     


Mommy and Me (Prenatal) and a Eco-Fin Paraffin Treatment for feet to support mothers to be and pamper her feet supple soft


Rhemedy Ritual with Thai Thermapy Add-on to detox her overused muscles with heat and unwind those tightly wound joints carrying the lil ones                                              

Let us create a memorable and completely decompressing experience for the most important (or second) person in your life! We are gifting all  visiting mothers a take home token of Geranium Organic Oil for continuation of this memorable day. Limited quantities.

Bleeding Heart Plants – Nature’s Valentine’s


Bleeding Heart Plants

These lovely florals just remind us of the inspired visuals Mother Nature creates on a daily basis.  For those who love the history check out the Wikipedia page but here is the Edwardian story behind these lovelies:

There is also a legend from Japan which tells a story of how the bleeding heart flower came to be.[5] In the story, a young man tried win the love of a young lady. He did this by giving a pair of rabbits (which are the first two petals of the flower), a pair of slippers (which are the next two petals of the flower), and finally a pair of earrings (which are the last two petals of the flower) to the girl. She continued to reject his affections, and, heart-broken, he pierced his heart with his sword (the middle part of the flower) which caused the bleeding heart.



Throwback Thursdays extended through March!

Throwback Thursdays – $20 off 60 min massages from 12-5pm
Yelp Check-in Offer | Massage Promotion

Take advantage of our extended promotion for March! $20 off 60min massage or longer on Throwback Thursdays 12-5pm. Bone-chilling-winter-blues can be offset with a feel good promotion of receiving Thursday afternoon bliss of a therapeutic touch! Elizabeth and Fany are exceptional therapists who will address your chronic tension and decompress the cold weather hunch, properly! Offer valid from 12-5pm each Thursday until Mar 27, 2014.