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New Service Add-on Geranium Honey Hand Scrub

New Add-On service! Try out Rhemedy By Rhed Therapeutic Massage’s super gentle, hand plumping, hydration packed Geranium Honey Sugar Hand Scrub treatment.

The gentle Geranium Sugar Honey Hand Scrub will smooth out the delicate outer skin of hands and honey adds to the hydration. A bit of reflexology on the hands to target our multi-used tiny muscles. 15minutes add-on to your massage service.


Geranium Essential Oils benefits are many listed from Organic Facts. Mainly benefits are:

Anti Bacterial & Anti Microbial: This property does not let bacteria or microbes develop on wounds and otherwise and keeps you safe from infections. {What no alcohol based hand sanitizer needed?}

Haemostatic: Geranium Oil can stop haemorrhage in two ways. First, being an astringent (more specifically, a styptic), it causes contraction of blood vessels and helps stop flow of blood, as discussed above.  {Meaning your skin will look baby-shade lighter after treatment} Second, being a Haemostatic, it speeds up coagulation or clotting of blood.

Cicatrisant: Everybody wants that his or her skin to be free from scars and after marks of fat-cracks, surgeries, boils and acne or pox. But after spending a fortune and trying nearly all the cosmetics available in the market when you end up with nothing, you really feel bad. You could have checked this had you tried Geranium Oil first. It is a Cicatrisant, that is, it helps the scars and other spots on skin to fade and vanish. It facilitates blood circulation just below the surface of skin and also helps make distribution of melanin uniform. {Bye Bye paper cut scars!}

 Cytophylactic: Geranium Oil promotes cell health and also encourages recycling of dead cell and regeneration of new cells. This helps in the growth of the body cells as well as gametes. {Much needed after this long winter and those who have leathery skin from being in the sun too much.}

Tonic: A tonic is what tones up complete health. Internally, it makes all the systems and functions work properly in the body by influencing endocrinal glands for regulating secretion of various hormones, enzymes, acids and bile etc. and toning up the respiratory system, digestive system, circulatory system, nervous system and excretory system. Apparently, it tones up muscles and skin and gives you a better look. Geranium Oil has these properties. {Skin looks plumper!}

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